When it comes to determining an IT business to partner for managed IT services, companies tend to run into problems finding the right partner, generally because of the significant amount of noise in the local Melbourne market. Several companies are fighting for market share, and with the global market share anticipated to increase to 296.38 billion US dollars by 2023, you can assume that even more businesses will start competing for your business.

With so many competing players within the industry, it can become difficult for you to recognise which IT company may be the most suitable fit for your business. Some companies that decide to forego partnering with a managed services provider and instead choose to handle their IT services in-house, generally do so as previous partnerships left them feeling disappointed. Sadly, this approach tends to create challenges that most companies would not even be aware of if they had a quality MSP partner handling their IT and Telecommunications requirements. Here are a few of the most common challenges our partners have shared with us.

Shortage of Specific Expertise On Hand

If you were to consider for a moment the limitations of your current IT Department staff when compared to the IT services that your business requires to operate efficiently, then ask yourself if you have a full range of the skills necessary inhouse. Typically we find that while very good at most aspects of their roles, the skill set of existing employees are not always as up to date or vast as what a well trained MSP provider can offer.

Generally, a particular skill set may be required for a project; you have the option to hire a new employee and the cost of a new staff member or upskill one of your current staff. To upskill, a staff member generally takes weeks or even months to have the staff members skill set up to par, and you run the added risk that person would still lack actual hands-on knowledge.

Alternatively, several IT services companies in the Melbourne area have already hired and trained staff with many of the skills required for smooth IT operations, in both hardware and software. They are positioned in the industry to allow businesses the ability to leverage their specialty expertise and are typically available for short or longterm projects. This is a great advantage for companies that want an accurate, reliable solution for their IT needs and to work with people who know the technology and also understand how it can work better for a company of your size and in your particular industry.

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