On-site PBX systems are about to become a thing of the past. Telstra will cease the sale of all ISDN2, ISDN 2 Enhanced, ISDN 10/20/30, DDS Fastway, Megalink, and Frame relay products from 30th June 2018 with complete decommission by 2022. During this time, approximately 92% of Australian premises are expected to be covered by the NBN Co rollout. Supported by NBN and other broadband infrastructure, Australian businesses will be able to take advantage of hosted PBX systems that are powerful, highly flexible, and eliminate the need for expensive traditional PBX hardware.

Benefits Of A Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX systems offer many benefits to businesses of all sizes. Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) such as Control Networks offer solutions that combine data, voice, and security to achieve higher efficiencies, with 24/7 IT support services. Companies are looking to service providers for hosting to reap benefits such as:
Cost Efficiency

A hosted PBX system is a complete service with the very latest software. Companies can expect fewer expenses and less downtime, no extra cost for additional functionality and hosted telephony requires little to no complex infrastructure to purchase or setup.


The hosting solution effortlessly accommodates the increasing communication requirements of a growing business. Companies can easily add more phone lines, new extensions and connect to mobile devices to suit their current business requirements.

Free Inter-Account Calls

Calls between PBX extensions are free regardless of their geographic location. The number of extensions can be tailored to suit your business requirements.

Forward Plan With NBN Ready PBX System

The hosted NBN ready PBX system is ideal for companies with multiple sites, temporary sites or those with agents working remotely. The one system controls your PBX extensions that can be deployed across multiple sites according to your needs.

Superior Reliability Even In Crisis

Your telephone connection is one of the first things to be affected in the event of a disaster such as a storm, fire or power outage. This turn of events has a massive impact on business, earnings, and reputation. Hosted PBX prevents your communications system being affected as your infrastructure is well protected off-site.

These features, reliability, and pricing are some of the major benefits of a hosted PBX system that can take your business to the next level. Savvy Australian companies are choosing to upgrade their traditional systems early and are reaping the benefits to stay ahead of the competition.

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