With the progression of business telephony and our means of communication have seen notable advances in modern times, with several companies utilising instant messaging services and hosted phone systems as tools. Businesses have seen improvements in both in-house and external communications technologies. The most significant barriers that various companies are confronting today is the capability to communicate promptly, efficiently and from any location that their staff may be operating. With more and more businesses embracing remote staff, increased office locations and in several situations, staff located throughout the world. These changes in the business environment are causing the demand for businesses to seek out more suitable communication tools that can be adapted to work for companies.

When a business considers what a hosted PBX can offer a modern business and the benefits it can offer when implemented correctly, it provides for companies to be more flexible.  That could be to allow for staff to operate seamlessly across multiple offices from a single phone system or to enable offices with various locations to reduce operational costs. Staff in any connected office can receive and transfer calls to the appropriate teams or staff members, notwithstanding their location. Reception staff are empowered to see which team members are on a call and which are available to transfer calls to, without the need for them to leave their seat — making for a more efficient way of communication for businesses.

A hosted PBX boasts many features that are deliberately designed for improved communications within businesses and managing customer calls; this provides a much more professional appearance for the callers when contacting a company.

Hosted PBX’s provide call management that can be configured down to a number, time, location and even the staff members that handle the calls. One example of this may be that a business operates a support team during normal business hours on the eastern coast, but after 5 pm, they may choose to overflow calls to the west coast,  allowing another team to manage the calls during their normal working hours. That enables a company to operate extended hours of support of their customers.

An additional advantage of a Hosted PBX is its ability to reduce operational costs of a business. Setup costs for a Hosted PBX are a fraction of a traditional onsite PBX and the ongoing costs frequently are also reduced, the minimal infrastructure costs required onsite is the primary reason for this. The flexibility to increase and decrease extensions quickly is also an advantage for businesses that need a  phone system that supports scalability.

The Hosted PBX Provider typically handles the support of a hosted PBX, and they are responsible for guaranteeing that the platform is secure and functioning normally. Several providers have a disaster recovery strategy in place with redundancies to prevent unscheduled downtime of services. Reassuring businesses that their phone system will remain online and secure, ultimately making a hosted PBX one of the best investments for a companies business communications.

Are you considering migrating to a Hosted PBX? Engage the telco experts at Control Networks, and they will work with you to find the right solution for your business.

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