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The distinctive ring feature makes it easy to differentiate between internal and external calls without even looking at your phone.

What is distinctive ring?

When you receive a call from another phone on your Hosted PBX, you will hear a different ringtone as configured in your PBX Options.

External (customer) calls will use the default ringtone configured on your handset.

Use Cases

This feature is extremely useful for anyone who receives both internal and external calls.

It makes it very easy to know whether you need to answer the phone with a “company speel” or just a quick “hello”.

Enabling and Disabling Distinctive Ring

This feature is enabled by default on new Control Networks PBX services.

To enable or disable this feature…

1. Log in to the Portal

2. Navigate to Hosted PBX > PBX Options

3. On the PBX Options Page, change the Ring Internal field to the ringtone of your choice

4. Click the Save Options button

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