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You can make international calls from your Control Networks service.

Making an International Call:

To do so, simply dial the number as follows:

0011 <Country Code> <Phone Number>

If you need to dial a number with a +, simply replace the + with 0011

For example, to call the number 123456 in New Zealand, you would dial…

0011 64 123456

Phone numbers in some destinations may have a leading zero, which typically needs to be removed before dialing.

For example, the Australian number 02 9888 8888 would translate to 0011 61 2 9888 8888. 

For international calling rates and dialing codes, please see our website here:

International call limits:

All Control Networks services come standard with international call spend limiting.  The limit varies and you can request to have it changed.

Please contact our support team for more information about international call spend limiting.

Disabling international calling:

You may opt to have international calling disabled entirely on your account.

Please contact our support team if you’d like this to be done.

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