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During the number porting process, we submit a request for approval to the current carrier. They review the request, then decide whether to accept or reject the number port.

While this is not a complete list, the most common causes for a donor carrier to reject a number port are:

Complex Services

A complex service is any special services associated with the phone number. This could include a fax duet, ISDN or Telstra DOT service.

Associated Numbers

Additional phone numbers that are linked to the number you’re trying to port can result in the donor carrier rejecting your port. To avoid this, ensure the current carrier has disassociated any additional numbers, or port any associated numbers together.

Disconnected Number

If a number is cancelled before the porting process has completed, the port will be unable to complete. You will need to reactivate this number with the current carrier before it can proceed.

NB: This error code can also present on a number that is on an Exchanged Based Diversion.  Please ensure that any diverts are either done locally (using *21 on a handset), or are set to a permanent divert (not temporary) by Telstra.

Outstanding Port Request

If another carrier has requested a port of your phone number, the port will be unable to proceed. Please ensure any number ports in progress with other carriers for your phone number are withdrawn before submitting the port.

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